Upcoming Sarbottam Cement IPO


For the first time, Sarbottam Cement is going to issue ordinary shares (Initial Public Offering IPO) through book building. The company has stated that it will issue an IPO worth Rs 6 million through Book Building.

The company will issue 15% of its paid-up capital, or 6 million shares, as an IPO for institutional investors, locals and employees, and the general public. Out of the total 6 million shares, 2.4 million shares have been allotted for institutional investors, 800,000 shares for locals and the remaining 2.8 million shares for company employees and general investors.

Investors will have to apply for a minimum of 60 shares in IPO. The company’s IPO issuer is Global IME Capital Limited, while the co-managers are NIBL ​​ACE Capital and Prabhu Capital.

The company has stated that the share price of the IPO will be at least Rs 750 per share. Based on the company’s internal valuation, the minimum share price is estimated to be 750, which could be further increased by the bidding method by qualified institutional investors.

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