Three models for Nepal Telecom shares, 22% shares of Telecom to the public


Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel has announced that in next fiscal year’s budget, 22% shares of the company will be issued to those who use the services of Telecom. After the government announced to give shares to the service recipients through the budget, the government has put forward three models to give shares while various discussions are going on. In the first model, each customer will be given a share based on the amount paid for using the telecom service, in the second model, a certain amount will be deposited in the share wallet for each time the telecom service is paid and in the third model, and any customer will be able to deposit money voluntarily. Among three model, one of them will be implemented.

The government has announced to issue 22% shares of the customers who using landline, mobile or internet services. According to a ministry source, the government has announced this to increase the number of telecom customers.

The Nepal telecom currently has 91.50% share owned by the government while the general public has 8.47% and Citizen Investment Trust funds claims 0.03% of shares. If the provision announced by the government in the budget is implemented, the government ownership in Nepal telecom will remain at 70 percent.

“Appropriate modalities will be decided in coordination with the Privatization Committee under the Ministry and the Nepal Securities Board,” the source said.

The budget statement states that such arrangement has been made to expand the access of the service recipients to the ownership and returns of the telecom. In the budget statement, it is mentioned that the person who become a customer of one of these three services of the company will be able to participate in the share purchase process by mid-January. The details of the company’s share distribution process and share price are mentioned in the budget to be decided by mid-October.

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