Such a way to make mobile water proof


When it is raining, when we go out of the house or any other time, we have to protect our mobile from water. If you haven’t a waterproof mobile phone then the problem is even bigger. Water can also damage our mobile. However, by using some of these tips and materials, we can make non-waterproof mobile phones waterproof.

1. Waterproof case

In some cases, water can seep into the phone while trying to keep it safe. In this case, the user needs to have a smart cover, which makes the phone waterproof. The cover we are talking about here can keep the phone completely safe during the rainy season. Such waterproof cases can be found in both hard and soft formats.

The special feature of such covers is that they feel comfortable even when using the phone. It can be used on smartphones as well as feature phones. You can even get your phone wet in the rain and go to the swimming pool with these covers. Such cases are designed to prevent water from entering any part of the phone.

The cost of these cases ranges from four hundred rupees to two thousand rupees. Smartphones can be used easily in these cases. It has access to all kinds of buttons, controls, and even the ports of the phone. In addition to being waterproof, such cases also protect the phone from injury and dust sticking.

However, this waterproof cover can only be used during the rainy season. Other times you have to take the phone out of it and use it. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. If the cover is made of hard material, it can make the phone heavier. Also, when the size is large, it will not be easy to keep in the pocket. This makes the sound of the call less audible.

2. Nano coating (water resistance)

Nano coating is a type of hydrophobic fluid that prevents water from sticking to the surface of the phone. It is used in waterproof electrical materials, to prevent water from entering the device.

This does not make the phone completely waterproof. But it can prevent light rain and water droplets. The Nano coating can be easily removed from the phone by rubbing it lightly.

Its price ranges from 800 to one thousand rupees. The use of Nano-coating does not cause any damage to the phone. The phone can work as usual even when you put it on the phone screen.

Don’t make the mistake of dipping the phone in water with a Nano coating. It also does not protect the phone from injury. Also, its use on the screen reduces the brightness.

However, it can protect the phone from water droplets and dust. Good quality coating lasts up to 6 months.

3. Waterproof phone skin

This is a cheap way to make your phone waterproof. Waterproof phone skin is a thin adhesive film, which can be applied directly to the phone. After skinning the phone on the mobile, it has to be covered from the back. However, this is not a permanent solution and can only be used for a few days. Its price ranges from three hundred to three thousand rupees.

It is cheap and can be used on any phone. But when charging the phone, the skin should be removed. The sound quality of the phone may not sound so good. Another downside is that it can only be used for a limited time. But it also protects the phone from fluid damage daily. Also, dust and dirt do not stick to the phone.

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